Key Messages

Conference Key Messages

While the Global NDC Conference 2019 was a technical, rather than a political conference, the key messages can inform the efforts of governments, international agencies, development banks, researchers, non-governmental and private actors in their efforts to ramp up climate ambition. The key messages have been developed by the conference organisers as a summary of conference discussions. They do not represent a consensus view of participants, nor do they represent the official view of the sponsoring organisations. The organisers nonetheless invite readers to consider these messages and share them widely in your networks. You can read about: The conference sessions on integrated governance, and the summary of key messages on this theme; the conference sessions on finance and the summary of key messages on this theme; the conference sessions on transparency and the summary of key messages on this theme.

Click here to download a pdf version of the ‘Key messages’, ready for printing.

Insights on NDC Implementation & Updates

The conference provided new insights on NDC implementation and NDC updates supported by in-country examples and tools that have the potential to be scaled up. Of more than 100 country examples and good practices, 13 key insights of successful NDC implementation and ambition raising were extracted and are outlined in the synthesis paper Insights and innovations from the Global NDC Conference 2019. Furthermore, in order to highlight which examples and cases discuss new and innovative approaches, a selection of the most interesting cases was compiled. The in-depth analysis of the plenary and breakout sessions has shown that the “what” often does not seem to be new – many of the topics discussed seem familiar at first. But the “how” is changing – the selection of concrete examples shows that countries are making progress and practical implementation experience for theoretically discussed approaches. This insights paper is authored by the GIZ SPA team on behalf of all conference organisers.

Systemic Leadership Publication

The conference recognised the importance of systemic leadership by individuals, organisations and countries in responding effectively to the climate crisis. The working paper ‘Lead the Change – Systemic leadership for NDC implementation and raising ambition’ brings together current and emerging insights. Please find the paper here.

Private Sector Paper

Private sector engagement was one of the cross-cutting conference themes. Following the conference, a private sector lens has been applied to keys themes, adding in the new developments that happened since the Global NDC Conference. Please find the paper here.