June 14, 2019 • 11:00 am - 12:45 pm • Elk

Scaling the transformative impact of green growth and long-term strategies to deliver on the Paris Agreement

Facilitators: WRI, LEDS GP Finance & Energy working groups, GGGI, GIZ, UNEP Contributors: Andrea Meza Murillo (Costa Rica); Anja Waldraff (GIZ); Gabriele Wagner (GIZ); Orestes Anastasia (Global Green Growth Institute); Taryn Fransen (WRI); Shivanal Kumar (Fiji); 1-2 more country representatives (tbc)

For many policymakers, the crucial question is: How does a country get on the right path towards achieving the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and simultaneously meeting the SDGs? We will showcase an inclusive green economy and long-term climate strategies as key drivers for transformative development and present examples of successful in-country implementation of green growth/green economy practices, NDCs, and long-term low emission development strategies, as well as available resources and collaboration partners.