June 13, 2019 • 2:15 pm - 4:00 pm • Pine

Civil society – forgotten and underestimated potentials for ambitious climate action

Facilitators: BUND Contributors: Martin Baumann (BUND); Larissa Donges (UfU); Lilia Tatiana Roa Avendaño (Colombia); Ann-Kathrin Schneider (BUND); Davit Sidamonidze (GMG); Yevheniia Zasiadko (EcoAction)

This session will highlight the importance and potentials of civil society participation in the NDC process. We will present good practice examples from various countries where active engagement of civil society organisations lead to more transparency, higher ambition, stronger acceptance and faster implementation of climate action. Participants will learn about, analyse and discuss different approaches to civil society participation, as well as challenges to it, during planning and implementation phases of climate policies.